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Michael OndrasikIn my purging and cleaning recently, I came across a forgotten box of video tapes.  Some were marked, but I wasn’t really sure what was on them. Next came the hunt, and praying, to search for the video camera so I  could play the tapes.

I was delighted to discover the videos were of my kids growing up – their “firsts”, family trips, and birthday celebrations.  The best surprise, was seeing and hearing my grandfather again, who passed away almost 10 years ago. What other wonderful moments were captured in this box of tapes? What is a better way to store them?

My answer came when I saw a video transfer special on Facebook from Home Video Studios of Mt. Dora, located at 1503 North Donnelly Street.  My video tapes could be transferred to a digital format viewed on a DVD player, my computer, or stored on a cloud system…no more tapes.

“I can’t wait to come to work to help people hold onto those memories” smiles Michael,owner of Home Video Studios of Mount Dora.  Open since July 2014, Michael’s businesses offers over 20 product options to preserve your memories.

11986367_1030621420323237_4508379565775458518_nI asked, “Why is it important to have film, videos, and photographs transferred to a digital format?”. Michael explained there are several reasons.

  1. Video tape and photographs will not last forever.  The processing process used in recent times is more susceptible to deterioration by the elements over time.
  2. Video tape looses its strength and will no longer put forth a signal for the player/machine to pick-up.
  3. Film and video tape gets brittle and cracks, making it almost impossible to play.
  4. The projectors, slide reels, and video tape players become out dated and most likely not available to view the cherished family movies.
  5. Unless you are storing your photographs, video, and film in a climate controlled area, the heat and humidity will destroy them.  If you are storing them in the attic, garage, shed, or basement those memories are being slowly vanishing.

“The worst feeling is when someone brings you their memories and the quality can’t be saved,” Michael explains.


There are other benefits. When the medias are saved digitally they can now be easily shared, stored off-sight, and preserved for future generation.

Michael shares, “I meet a family who had been hit by Katrina and their house was flooded. Their videos and photographs all were gone.”   It is something you don’t consider protecting, until after a such a tragedy (flooding, hurricane, fire) occurs.

I dropped off a handful of tapes and received back a booklet of DVDs, now easily accessed and shareable.  I next plan to upload them to a new online  Digital Video Archive (DVA)


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SIDE NOTE:  Around Mount Dora was launched to write about how I really live, enjoy the businesses, and get to know the people and merchants that make this community so special.  This was not a paid sponsored blog post.


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