You Can Make a Wood Sign!

Recently I hosted a Make-In-Take craft night for 20 ladies at a mom’s night out.  The majority of the group wanted to make the popular wood signs.  I was a little intimidated, but we did it!

After talking with a friends who makes these signs and discovered I could do this.  The results were amazing and the ladies had so much fun.

you-canmakea-wood-sign-2I have been asked to share how I accomplished this event.  It was simple and a great get together with friends. (even kids can do this)

EASY Way to Make a Wood Sign.

Since it was for a group of 20 people and we had two hours to do the project, I provided the wood pieces already cut to 8×10 and stained with .  This allowed the pieces to totally dry before they were painted. img_8292(1) I purchased 1″ x 8″  board 6 ft long.  I had it cut into 10″ length pieces.   Most home improvement stores will cut the board for you into the length you want.

(2).  Next I sanded the sides and corners.  Then stained the wood pieces. Let dry.

(3)  I used Picmonkey and Canva to design different lettering/phrases signs.  I printed the lettering from the computer in the desired font and size on a 8.5x11sheet of paper.

HINT: Some ladies separated the word phrases and graphics to make a different design.
chalking-sign4) Going back to an old school technique, rub the back of the paper with the printed letters with CHALK!!!!  For the class, I purchased sidewalk chalk from the Dollar Store and it worked perfectly. You can also use graphite or use carbon paper to transfer the letters onto the wood.img_82965) Once you have selected the lettering/graphic, tape it on to the board to reduce sliding.

6) Using a ballpoint pen, which allows you to get a good transfer, trace the OUTLINE of your letters.letter-checkHINT: Take a peek to make sure you are getting a good transfer.  If it isn’t coming through it could be that you aren’t using enough pressure or there isn’t enough chalk on the is the finished transfer.

paint-pen-outline1 7) Using a paint pen, trace the letters/graphic.  The advice I got, was that the paint pen gives a cleaner edge and easier to fill paint the letters.

Hint: I purchased our paint pens at Walmart.  They worked just fine.img_84588) Fill-in painting can be done with brush painting with acrylic paint or use the paint pen.   Let dry.

9) Distress by sanding and then it is optional to seal with a water-based acrylic sealer.wood-signs-finishedWe had so much fun and the results were amazing.  Hang your sign using a picture frame hook or sit on a shelf.  It is easy and fun piece of personalized art!

We get together the 3rd Friday of the month called Cupcakes and Conversation. If your in the area, would love to have you join us.

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