ALDI Saves Me Over $1,200.00 A Year

Its here!!! ALDI is finally opening in Mt. Dora.  Why the excitement? ALDI  saves our family budget over $1,200.00 a year, without compromising quality.  Around Mount Dora is a place where I love to share and not report or advertise. I feel readers want the truth from a real perspective.  I have not been compensated in anyway for this article and it is truly why I shop at ALDI.

How I Save Money

I have been shopping at ALDI in Orlando for over 5 years.  With 3 teenagers, we consume a lot of food and by shopping at ALDI I have saved me a lot of money on groceries.

I walk out of ALDI with a cart full of groceries in contrast to leaving other grocery stores with only a few items for the same amount of money, even with a BOGO.  ALDI makes saving money easy, I just need to shop.

When I first went into an ALDI, I was very cautious.  How can food prices be so much less? Cheap low product quality processed foods, I thought –  Oh, no. I was so surprised to see all the healthy product, including gluten-free options. My family eats very healthy, ALDI provides those products.

If you are love the pretty multi-sensory shopping outing experience, which costs money for the businesses to produce and is reflected in their food prices, ALDI is not that. They are basic. 

ALDI saves it’s customer money because they eliminate so many of the overhead costs.

$ Carts – Put a quarter in to get a cart. Return your cart to get your quarter back.  This eliminates the time and money to have an employee gathering carts in the parking lot.  MONEY SAVED!

$ Bags – Bring your own shopping bags.  You can purchase paper bags for pennies if you wish. MONEY SAVED!

$ Provides brands that are the same and even higher quality than the national brands.  National brands have high overhead prices attached to their product. ALDI’s exclusive brands can save up to 50% over the national brands.  My family has never noticed the difference in quality.

Yes, Cheerios for $2.64.

On occasion, you will find national brand products, but at a significant price reduction than other stores.

$ Select Assortment – ALDI does not stock thousands of items.  (example: 20+ choices of salad dressing flavors and brand choices) Instead they stock weekly “must-haves”.  The smaller inventory means a smaller store which translates to lowering the overhead cost.

I see these saving in my weekly staples.  Milk is almost a $1.00 less than anywhere else.

 People feel that eating fresh is expensive. I purchase a lot of fresh produce and I am still saving money. ALDI also provides a great selection of organic certified products.

There are so many other items I save money on each week – meat, eggs, dairy, baking supplies, snacks, and more.  A baby in your household, ALDI also carries a great selection of infant and toddler diapers, food, and essentials.

Grand opening for the Mt. Dora/Eustis store is February 16th, go check them out. I will see you at ALDI.

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SIDE NOTE:  Around Mount Dora was launched to write about how I really live, enjoy the businesses, and get to know the people and merchants that we meet.  This was not a paid sponsored blog post.

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