New Merchant Naples Soap Company

Welcome Naples Soap Company to the downtown Mt. Dora community!  Taking up residence in one of the most charming spots on Donnelly Street, the Naples Soap Company is an experience. I am very picky about the products I use and was ecstatic with the quality, the natural ingredients, and  huge selection of available products in the special store.

Denna Renda, Founder and CEO, started Naples Soap after battling eczema and psoriasis most of her life.  She did and used everything possible to clear it up with no avail.  As a nurse, she understood the effects of harsh commercial chemicals can have on the body, so she began a journey to find a natural solution. Using natural and organic elements, she finally began to see results.

In 2009 Naples Soap Company opened it’s doors and on-line store with wanting to help people find natural alternative. Now people from all over the world are able to purchase these incredible natural and organic products.

Naples Soaps are handmade in the USA using only the finest quality ingredients which are vegan-based, eco-friendly, made from sustainable resources, and never animal tested.  They do not contain artificial lathering agents, hardening agents, or harsh chemicals.

Luscious Loofah Soaps that are great for gentle exfoliating. Handmade with all natural ingredients.

The BOMB!!! Drop these fun Epson salt bath bombs into a warm bath – then relax.  I love the bubbly aromatherapy.

They look like macaroons stacked along the wall, but they are shampoo bars.  As seen in the trending magazines, the shampoo bar is applied directly to the wet hair and lather.  Being used to the traditional liquid shampoo, I first found this a little different.  But have you ever read what is in you shampoo.  You might be surprised and disgusted. This such a healthier option and I love the  vast selection of scents to choose from.

Your next trip into Mt. Dora make a point to stop into the Naples Soap Company.

SIDE NOTE:  Around Mount Dora was launched to write about how I really live, enjoy the businesses, and get to know the people and merchants that we meet.  This was not a paid sponsored blog post. I have not been compensated in any way for this article.

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